We offer a wide range of tinted lenses, selected especially for you, taking into consideration the latest trends from the fashion world and modern technologies to offer you the best solutions for any kind of style.


Tinted eyeglasses are prescription lenses that can easily be turned into sunglasses by tinting them with various colours and shades according to the client's preference. Generally, the lightest colours are selected for comfort, and darker tints are used for sun protection when combined with UV protection.

Tinted lenses are perfect for wearers looking for comfort, impeccable quality, and protection from UV rays. These lenses reduce the amount of light passing through the lens, making them more comfortable than non-tinted lenses.

Bod Lenses offers a wide range of colours of tinted lenses that match the frame design. We also provide an exceptional option to our clients – the colour of lenses can be reached according to the colour sample provided by a customer.

Now you can choose from tinted lenses and gradually tinted lenses. They come in seven colours:


The lens tinting is beneficial for those who are often on the go or commute regularly.

The tint colour does not affect how much protection you get. It is based on personal preference and lifestyle. For instance, yellow-tinted lenses are more suitable for driving.

Be fashionable and enjoy the comfort and protection from UV with tinted eyeglasses lenses!