Edging And Finishing

Edging And Finishing

Final precision touches for your lenses whether it is remote edging or mounting (glazing)

Bod Lenses uses SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co - the world's leading supplier of processing solutions - equipment for manufacturing ophthalmic lenses. The SCHNEIDER company had the vision to produce individual lenses based on freely mathematical descriptions. The innovative machines of SCHNEIDER, such as HSE Modulo, have become the top product in the market, leading to high productivity and outstanding quality of lenses.

The intelligent machines follow a self-organizing philosophy: they manage the production flow and ensure easy lab planning and cost and time savings.

HSE Modulo has an integrated high-speed double spindle edger with high strength to manufacture the smoothest surfaces. The centred tools and highest rpm processes offer meticulously precise and fast edging. The edger simultaneously processes two lenses and adds parallel handling processes that provide a highly effective throughput.

The Modulo edger offers precise accuracy and delivers a perfect unmatched first fit rate even with extreme curves with a set of 24 tools. The intelligent machine quickly cuts out rough shapes, including front and back safety bevels. The modern Shape Editor offers programming of any fashionable form, even the most complex. Also, the sophisticated set of beveling rules and options automatically produce better aesthetics using a new algorithm based on the auto beveling function.

HSE Modulo also operates with blocked lenses and can be fitted with the SCHNEIDER blockless option. While working blockless, the HSE Modulo reduces the costs and eliminates handling errors because there is no need for manual blocking and no costs for consumables.

The integrated automated quality control helps avoid the mismatch and reduces the labour effort.