The material from which a lens is made has little impact on the corrective power, but it might have a big impact on lifestyle


EVOLUTION high-index lenses offer a perfect synergy of vision clarity, lightweight, elegance, and strong resistance suitable for a high degree of myopia and hypermetropia up to +-7.50 diopters.

These lenses are five times stronger than any high index lenses and ten times stronger than lenses with an index of 1.50.

EVOLUTION lenses are made from strong, durable, and extraordinary thin material, providing outstanding quality for patients with high-power prescriptions. The higher the optical power of the lenses, the more visible the difference in the weight of the spectacles.

The advanced technology used in these lenses offers exceptional optical properties of the lenses.

The optical measure Abbe value measures the lens material's dispersion of light, where a low Abbe value causes a higher dispersion and leads to unwanted chromatic aberration. In EVOLUTION lenses, the Abbe value is higher than in most high-index lenses offering the benefits for patients with high degrees of refraction anomalies. In these lenses, off-axis chromatic aberration increased with increasing power and distance from the optical centre of the lenses.

EVOLUTION lenses are perfect for elderly patients because the crystalline lenses become less translucent when a patient gets older, and sensitivity to chromatic aberrations grows.

Even transparent, these lenses provide 100% protection against UV rays.

EVOLUTION lenses are an ideal choice for:

  • Everyone who uses spectacle for vision correction. A perfect match for high dioptres wearers because the lenses look extraordinarily thin.
  • The durable material withstands heavy loads while doing sports for active sports lovers. 
  • For children – lenses provide reliability and safety.
  • For rimless frames and frames with screws due to the strength and elasticity of the material.

Durable. Strong. For you.