All BOD lenses are produced digitally and individually. These lenses are designed to settle the ordinary and the most difficult vision problems.


Indoor lenses are created for reading and middle vision zones. These lenses are designed for those who spend much time reading and working at the office or other indoor surroundings.

The effective field of view of indoor lenses is up to 4 meters. These lenses ensure comfortable vision at a limited distance. Unlike general progressive lenses, including all visual zones (far, near and medium), indoor or office lenses are limited to close or medium distances.

Camber™ Office


Camber™ Office is an occupational lens that brings visual comfort to the wearer in the intermediate and near visual fields. Thanks to Smart Add Technology, the step between fields is more dynamic offering greater agility to change the focus to different distances, especially when working with digital displays.


•  Dual-sided fully personalized office lens

•  Extremely wide intermediate and near visual fields

•  Exclusive for indoor environments

•  Greater agility to change focus to different distances

•  Better ability to read on digital displays thanks to Smart Add Technology

•  Very soft design that eliminates swim and perceived lateral distortion

•  No adaptation issues

•  Superior optics thanks to Camber™ Technology

•  High precision and personalization thanks to Digital Ray-Path® Technology

•  Ergonomically comfortable natural position


The OFFICE lenses are degressive ones, tailored for reading and office work as they optimize near vision. The reading zone is larger in OFFICE lenses than in other lenses. OFFICE lenses are designed for each person individually, choosing the required distance (1.3m, 2m or 4m).

These lenses are the best solution for reading and working on digital screens because they have a wide field of sight and bring outstanding comfort near or intermediate distances. The soft design with the clear transition zone helps avoid getting digital eye strains or computer vision syndrome.


VIDE are reading lenses manufactured in the BOD Lenses laboratory for your comfort while working on the computer or other digital screens. VIDE lenses are mainly created for wearing indoors, and they provide an impeccable vision quality at medium or far distances.

With these lenses, clients can direct their gaze at close objects and focus on small details. These lenses are manufactured with a digression of 0.75D.