The material from which a lens is made has little impact on the corrective power, but it might have a big impact on lifestyle


Are you looking for comfortable sunglasses for active outdoor activities providing you with a bright and clear view and reducing glares? Let us introduce you to POLARO polarized lenses!

With POLARO polarized sunglasses, you will experience greater visual comfort, which will reduce the eyestrain and eyes fatigue when looking at reflective surfaces. These polarized lenses protect your eyes from dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

POLARO lenses offer an ideal solution for safer driving because they block disturbing glares and reflections. With these sunglasses, you will love the natural colours of the environment as POLARO lenses restore the true colours by removing the reflections.

These polarized eyeglass lenses will not cost you a fortune because they are reasonably priced and are excellent value for money.

POLARO polarized lenses are a must-have for those who value quality and do not want to overpay!