All BOD lenses are produced digitally and individually. These lenses are designed to settle the ordinary and the most difficult vision problems.


Bifocal lenses are used for correcting two areas of vision (distance and reading) and are mainly suitable for senior patients and wearers with special needs. Bifocals have a correction for distance vision on the top of the lens and a correction to help read on the bottom.

Bifocal lenses are manufactured with Free-Form technology and premium coatings, offering a wide selection of diopters and diameters. Although progressive lenses successfully replace bifocal lenses, bifocals are often selected by customers preferring a conservative look.

How do bifocals work?

Bifocals provide a clear distinction between near and far vision prescription within a lens. The significant difference between progressive lenses and bifocal is a distinct line separating the powers.


BIFO FT-28 are bifocal lenses with a segment for reading, designed with two different vision correction areas, divided by a distinct line that goes horizontally across the lens. These executive bifocal lenses are used for distance and reading correction.

BIFO FT-28 is a must-have for those who need two pairs of glasses and conservative users who got used to bifocals.


BIFO DIGITAL are modern bifocals produced using the Free Form technology that is highly aesthetic due to the invisible lower segment. This type of bifocals provides an impeccable vision correction in the far and near areas.

BIFO DIGITAL is an authentic combination of progressive and bifocal lenses design that improves vision and brings a cosmetically attractive look.

These bifocal lenses are recommended for users who cannot get used to the progressive lenses but want to see far distance and reading zones. Contrary to BIFO ROUND and BIFO FT – 28, BIFO DIGITAL lenses offer a smooth transition and invisible near segment. This type of bifocal lens is perfect for those who frequently use near and far areas and rarely medium working zone.


BIFO ROUND is an exceptionally innovative design produced with Free Form technology with a digital round segment created for the reading area. The digital round segment offers broad fields of clear vision for reading and distance. These bifocals ensure high visual quality with no "image jump" between zones. The diameter of the add segment is available in 28 mm.

BIFO ROUND bifocal lenses are ideal for presbyopia and prefer bifocals instead of progressive lenses and those who hesitate to try progressive lenses.