All BOD lenses are produced digitally and individually. These lenses are designed to settle the ordinary and the most difficult vision problems.


At the age of 40 to 45 majority will experience presbyopia which is a part of the natural ageing process occurring because of the gradual loss of accommodative amplitude. The closest viewing point moves away from the eye so that a person can no longer read, write, work, and perform other daily tasks from an average distance.

What are progressive lenses?

The best solution for presbyopia is progressive lenses with special lenses design (gradual changing of dioptres), ensuring an impeccable vision at every distance. Our progressive lenses are visually invisible and do not differ from ordinary lenses.

Progressive lenses are divided into soft and hard design lenses.

Soft design progressive lenses are characterized by a broad and comfortable intermediate zone, long corridor of progression, more excellent range of eye movements, less distortion around the periphery of the lenses, and narrower distance and near areas. They are recommended for hypermetropia and for those who move their head more.

Contrary, hard design progressive lenses are narrower. They have a less comfortable intermediate zone, a short corridor of progression, less eye and head movement amplitude, better peripheral astigmatism, floating effect, and wide, comfortable distance and near areas. Hard design lenses are suitable for those who have myopia and anisometropia.

Progressive lens designs

In terms of different fields of view, the progressive lenses are divided into Full Screen, Velveto, Natura, MultiFit and Effecto designs. These designs are customized for every client personally based on their needs, lifestyle, and prescription. Opticians will select the most suitable design individually.

Compass Lens

Compass Lens is a unique smart lens recommendation system that has no analogue. The system is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that independently selects lenses, collects and analyses information, and accurately generates the optimal lens offer for the customer. Compass lens is an innovative technology based on advanced algorithms that sort through big data and identify patterns to produce progressive lens designs that are made especially for each individual customer.


Wearer satisfaction tendencies are traced with the help of machine learning*. The Compass Lens algorithm compares wearers with low satisfaction rates to the ones with high satisfaction, matching and analyzing similar visual profiles and job data. The Compass Lens recommendation system objectively selects the ideal lens for each patient by considering feedback from previous patients’ lens experience.


•  After receiving information from customer, Compass lens algorithm helps to create the progressive lens design personally for each wearer.

•  Compass lens ensures that optician would always recommend the proper lens and minimize the risks of non-adaptation.

•  An added benefit of Compass lens technology is that the customer understands it is a priority for opticians store to offer the latest technology and services, which differentiates optician from the competition. The customer is the center of your priorities.

•  Optician can show off that his store offers smart technology and demonstrates professionalism while providing his customer with innovative and easy adapted progressive lens.

•  As a professional, all opticians are aware that correcting a customer’s vision is as important as providing the right progressive lens design that fits his/her lifestyle. It is not unusual to miss important information when gathering lifestyle information from the customer that is useful for choosing the right frame, lens design, materials, coating, etc. Compass lens technology makes sure that optician would ask all the right questions about customer’s habits, activities, expectations and progressive lens experience.

Watch a video about our Progressive Lenses

progressive bod lenses


progressive bod lenses

Progressive lenses Natura uses a new method of calculating the surface that dramatically improves the sharpness of peripheral vision and dramatically expands the field of clear vision at far distances and close objects and creating a smooth wide corridor. Natura lens design is the perfect choice for those who haven’t used progressive lenses before because it adapts to eyes rapidly and easily where the fields of vision are symmetric. These lenses come only in soft design.

Full Screen

progressive bod lenses

Full Screen premium progressive lenses are designed for the modern person who spends much time using various digital screens. The authentic design of these lenses is optimized for vision in the mid -to-short range, featuring a more expansive zone of sight than in standard progressive lenses. With Full Screen progressive lenses, eyes adjust quickly to the digital device offering a broader field of vision and effortless change to seeing distance. Full Screen progressive lenses are improved with Smart Add and Digital Ray-Path technologies.


progressive bod lenses

MultiFit+ progressive lenses are characterized by impeccable quality with cutting-edge Free Form technology offering a smooth transition between different vision zones. With MultiFit+ progressive lenses, the field of sight is broader and stable, and lenses provide high–quality vision to any dioptres giving a natural and clear image at any distance – near, intermediate, or far. The design of the lenses is integrated with Digital Ray-Path and Inset technologies. Multifit+ lenses are available in two design types – soft and hard.

This design is infused with Color Sight Technology, which revolutionizes the lens experience by minimizing chromatic aberrations and unlocking the full spectrum of colors.


progressive bod lenses

Velveto+ progressive lenses are newly designed lenses with outstandingly soft transitions between viewing zones. These progressive lenses were created exceptionally for our BOD Lenses laboratory, meeting the needs of our clients. Velveto+ progressive lenses have broader reading and mid-range zones and have the same distance zone as the MultiFit+ progressive lenses. They are suitable for those who wear soft design lenses and are more sensitive because the lenses adapt faster.

This design is infused with Color Sight Technology, which revolutionizes the lens experience by minimizing chromatic aberrations and unlocking the full spectrum of colors.


progressive bod lenses

The BOD Lenses laboratory recently created Effecto+ progressive lenses. They have a unique front surface with a variable base curse that is individually selected for each patient according to the prescription. With Effecto+ progressive lenses, the best quality of vision for people with presbyopia is achieved by combining optical lens curves on both lens surfaces.

Effecto+ high–definition progressive lenses differ in increased reading zone areas that are easier to find and improved distance vision.

This design is infused with Color Sight Technology, which revolutionizes the lens experience by minimizing chromatic aberrations and unlocking the full spectrum of colors.

Feel the difference with BOD premium progressive lenses!