The material from which a lens is made has little impact on the corrective power, but it might have a big impact on lifestyle


NuPolar lenses are polarized lenses developed using advanced technology. The polarization film is integrated into lens material, having an authentic chemical bond, eliminating the glares and protecting from UV rays.

NuPolar polarized glasses block disturbing glares, improve contrast, the perception of colour and depth and boost the overall visual clarity. The polarized lenses protect from dazzling reflections by blocking them and providing contrast and a clear image.  

What do polarized lenses do?

Polarized sunglasses are designed to reflect the light rays in a single direction to avoid disturbing glares when light is reflected by a surface like water, snow, wet roads, or windows. Most light is horizontally polarised, and the molecular structure of unique film technology used in NuPolar material is horizontally aligned to form a dense grid. In this way, the distractions and dangerous reflections are removed from polarized lenses.

How can NuPolar polarized lenses support your vision?

  • They take care of light-sensitive eyes and protect them from UV rays. They are especially recommended for children as their eyes are susceptible to blaring reflections and UV rays.
  • NuPolar lenses absorb and eliminate more than 99% of disturbing glares.
  • They provide comfort and safety when driving, protecting from reflections caused by sunlight reflected off wet roads and windshields. 
  • They add contrast and brightness to the vision.
  • They fully protect from UVA and UVB rays by blocking them.
  • Helpful after the eyes surgery, as eyes become more sensitive, polarised glasses can bring comfort and help to see the contrast better.
  • No changes to colour rendering.
  • The perfect choice when on the beach, enjoying water sports, climbing the mountains, and fishing.
  • Suitable for all age groups.
  • Available in different refractive indices for those with myopia or hyperopia.

We suggest applying Clarus coating on the inside of the lens for impeccable image quality. When ordering astigmatic lenses, the cylinder's axis must be indicated, and lenses should be installed strictly according to horizontal marks.

Enjoy the sun without glares and reflections with NuPolar polarized eyeglasses!


It can be challenging for people with various prescriptions and increased sensitivity to light to choose the right sunwear lenses. Sometimes it leads to the decision not to use sunwear at all, but such an approach is misleading because everyone needs protection from UV rays.

The most common issue for ophthalmic lens users is that their lenses are too light or dark. People wearing corrective eyewear have a dramatically different approach to sunglasses than those who do not need a prescription.

The lens adaptability and performance play a crucial role for Rx patients because they can only change the pairs of corrective eyewear to another one since sunglasses do not offer eye correction.

It is essential to offer lenses that are comfortable for Rx users in most situations. We introduce you to NuPolar Infinite Grey versatile polarized sunglasses!

NuPolar Infinite Grey is an advanced combination of polarization and photochromic technology, providing the broadest range of light transmittance.

These polarized and photochromic lenses can be light or dark in the same eyewear pair depending on light conditions and maintaining 99% polarization efficiency. NuPolar Infinite Grey polarized lenses protect the eyes from disturbing glares by blocking them.

With cutting–edge photochromic technology used in NuPolar Infinite Grey, photochromic lenses automatically adjust to light changes providing the required amount of light in everyday situations.

NuPolar Infinite Grey polarized photochromic lenses also reduce squinting and eyes fatigue due to the adaptive nature of photochromic technology. They are the perfect choice for children because the wearer does not need to swap between the glasses.

Adore the sun with two–in–one photochromic eyewear!


1. Transmittance data is measured for AR-coated finished lenses.

2. The lowest permissible by standard light transmittance is 8%.

3. Transmittance and speed of change may vary depending on the temperature.
The declared values are measured at 24° C.


We have great news for fashionistas! The NuPolar Mirror polarized lenses are now available with new mirror coating in three colours – blue, silver and gold. With our polarized lenses, you will not only feel fashionable but also will enjoy outstanding quality.

NuPolar mirrored sunglasses block the disturbing glares, improve contrast bringing colour and depth and increase overall visual acuity. Our new mirror tint glasses will let you enjoy maximum comfort even in the brightest sun, providing contrast and protecting from blinding reflections and UV rays!

NuPolar polarized mirror sunglasses now offer eye-catching colours, modern design, and aesthetic mirror coatings featuring 100% UVA and UVB rays protection. Staying in the sun was never so fun and safe.

NUPOLAR MIRROR colours are:


Enjoying the sun with versatile and elegant NuPolar mirror lenses sunglasses was never so fun!


NuPolar Gradient lenses are coveted by the fashion-conscious. To create the on-trend look, the lenses are dark at the top and gradually fade to light at the bottom. Prescription lens wearers need never to compromise on fashion and sophistication again; they can now get the gradient look they want with the polarization they need. In addition to gradient tint, NuPolar is also available in solid, mirror and photochromic styles.


• More vibrant, brilliant and comfortable vision

• Enhance contrast and depth perception for exceptional vision in bright to shady conditions

• Block bright sunlight and dangerous blinding glare, unlike regular tinted lenses

• Increase visibility and safety on roads

• See below the surface during water-based activities

• Maximum eye protection with 100% UV blockage and glare reduction

• Long lasting quality and durability

• Fit virtually any frame