Blue Pro

Your lenses can be treated with over 10 layers of coatings to get clearer, stronger and offer more protection to the eye

Blue Pro
Blue Pro

Enjoy blue light anti-glare glasses made with Blue PRO coating

Introducing Blue PRO, our enhanced and upgraded version of the acclaimed Blue Balance coating. 

Blue PRO - is a multi-layered anti-reflection coating with residual blue-violet reflection, which is perfect for everyday use and helps not only to prevent eye stress from blue light, but inner side of the lenses coated with Clarus Sericum UV also protects from UV rays outside. We provide a three-year warranty. *

The unique formula of the coating provides anti-glare and anti-reflective features. Blue PRO coating consists of a blue-violet colour coating on the back surface and a green layer on the front surface, creating exceptional visual comfort and protection. This type of coating is perfect for everyday wear. 

Blue PRO has improved ultra-hydrophobic and oleophobic properties meaning that lenses repel water and oil better than previous Blue Balance coating, thus allowing them to be cleaned more easily. Blue PRO is our most scratch resistant coating and will serve well doing daily routines.

* The manufacturer's warranty covers the violation of the coating integrity of the lenses (delamination and cracking). The manufacturer does not accept claims concerning the mechanical coating damage.

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