Solis II

The material from which a lens is made has little impact on the corrective power, but it might have a big impact on lifestyle

Solis II
Solis II

SOLIS II light–adaptive photochromic lenses rapidly adjust to different light settings by fading back, and they offer 100% protection from UV rays.

SOLIS II photochromic lenses provide outstanding vision clarity indoors. Within 5 minutes, the lens transparency fades back to 70% and transparency at night returns up to 95% giving the maximum comfort and versatility.

SOLIS II light-adaptive lenses offer maximum outdoor tinting up to 78% and provide comfort, no matter the climate, season, or lifestyle. These well–balanced photochromic lenses are not only fashionable and protective of your eyes from UV rays but also are available for an affordable price.

The light-sensitive lenses keep their photochromic features from fading and getting dark without losing their properties even after repeated usage. 

SOLIS II photochromic lenses sunglasses are available in two colours – grey and brown and are suitable for single vision, progressive and bifocal lenses.

Experience vivid images in the sun with the best photochromic lenses!