Bod Lenses is one of the most modern independent laboratories and manufacturers of progressive lenses in Northern Europe, equipped with the highest quality machinery. Bod Lenses is medium-sized lens manufacturing company established in 2014 and based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We believe that the synergy of sustainability and innovation embodies our vision to create Free Form lenses of high?quality standards that will meet our customer's needs. Bod Lenses emphasizes the importance of technology and cooperation, constantly expanding its network of distributors in more than 20 countries. Together with BOD GROUP, our company exports approximately 80% of its manufactured products to Europe and other markets.

We seek to help our customers to experience the best possible vision and improve their lifestyles. Due to our individual and customized solutions, Bod Lenses can fulfill customer demands. A strong team of passionate Bod Lenses professionals is dedicated to delivering durable and easy-to-use products for our customers with the care of the environment.

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Bod Lenses is a part of the manufacturing company BOD GROUP, founded in 1998, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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*All BOD lenses are produced digitally and individually. These lenses are designed to settle the ordinary and the most difficult vision problems.

*The material from which a lens is made not only has an impact on the corrective power, but it also has a big impact on lifestyle.

*Your lenses can be treated with over 10 layers of coatings to get clearer, stronger and offer more protection to the eye.

*We offer a wide range of tinted lenses, selected especially for you, taking into consideration the latest trends from the fashion world and modern technologies. 

Bod Lenses is operating complying with International standards determined by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In Vilnius, Lithuania.

We also offer plano, stock ant progressive lenses.


UV protective, antistatic, ultraphobic, oleophobic, scratch resistant.

Single vision, progressive, bifocal, indoor, lenses for children, sun lenses

Single vision prescription lenses (Mono RX) are the most popular prescription lenses for vision correction of myopic or far-sighted clients. Clients usually get used to such lenses very quickly, and all areas of vision (near, far, and medium) are clearly and brightly visible.

OKOS LENS? accommodates the object space. It not only mathematically compensates oblique aberrations but also adds the intelligent use of the wearer?s accommodation. Minor adjustments allow viewing objects at different distances. Because of the extreme reduction of oblique aberrations through the visual field, wearers can enjoy impeccable visual quality, greater comfort, more accurate focus, and outstanding visual sharpness. The patient?s visual comfort is not affected because minor adjustments are made within a threshold.

NO TENSE III is a unique single?focal spectacle lens with support for those who spend a lot of time looking at close objects. The authentic feature of these lenses is that their optical power gradually increases towards the bottom of the lens.

The best solution for presbyopia is progressive lenses with special lenses design (gradual changing of dioptres), ensuring an impeccable vision at every distance. Our progressive lenses are visually invisible and do not differ from ordinary lenses.

Soft design progressive lenses are characterized by a broad and comfortable intermediate zone, long corridor of progression, more excellent range of eye movements, less distortion around the periphery of the lenses, and narrower distance and near areas. They are recommended for hypermetropia and for those who move their head more.

Contrary, hard design progressive lenses are narrower. They have a less comfortable intermediate zone, a short corridor of progression, less eye and head movement amplitude, better peripheral astigmatism, floating effect, and wide, comfortable distance and near areas. Hard design lenses are suitable for those who have myopia and anisometropia.

Bifocal lenses are used for correcting two areas of vision (distance and reading) and are mainly suitable for senior patients and wearers with special needs. Bifocals have a correction for distance vision on the top of the lens and a correction to help read on the bottom.

Indoor lenses are created for reading and middle vision zones. These lenses are designed for those who spend much time reading and working at the office or other indoor surroundings.

The effective field of view of indoor lenses is up to 4 meters. These lenses ensure comfortable vision at a limited distance. Unlike general progressive lenses, including all visual zones (far, near and medium), indoor or office lenses are limited to close or medium distances.

Camber? Office is an occupational lens that brings visual comfort to the wearer in the intermediate and near visual fields. Thanks to Smart Add Technology, the step between fields is more dynamic offering greater agility to change the focus to different distances, especially when working with digital displays.

The OFFICE lenses are degressive ones, tailored for reading and office work as they optimize near vision. The reading zone is larger in OFFICE lenses than in other lenses. OFFICE lenses are designed for each person individually, choosing the required distance (1.3m, 2m or 4m)

VIDE are reading lenses manufactured in the Bod Lenses laboratory for your comfort while working on the computer or other digital screens. VIDE lenses are mainly created for wearing indoors, and they provide an impeccable vision quality at medium or far distances.

With these lenses, clients can direct their gaze at close objects and focus on small details. These lenses are manufactured with a degression of 0.75D.

Bod Lenses MYO Care lenses for children consider the features of the central and peripheral refraction characteristic of the myopic eye along the horizontal and vertical meridians to create a lens design with 3 unique characteristics: horizontal defocus, assymetry, positive spherical blur.


Blue light blocking glasses made from BLUE 420 material ensures improved visual comfort protecting eyes from blue light during indoor activities without losing the beneficial effects of blue light and at the same time fully protecting your eyes from UV rays!

NuPolar polarized glasses block disturbing glares, improve contrast, the perception of colour and depth and boost the overall visual clarity. The polarized lenses protect from dazzling reflections by blocking them and providing contrast and a clear image.

POLARO lenses offer an ideal solution for safer driving because they block disturbing glares and reflections. With these sunglasses, you will love the natural colours of the environment as POLARO lenses restore the true colours by removing the reflections.

SOLIS II light?adaptive photochromic lenses rapidly adjust to different light settings by fading back, and they offer 100% protection from UV rays. SOLIS II photochromic lenses provide outstanding vision clarity indoors. Within 5 minutes, the lens transparency fades back to 70% and transparency at night returns up to 95% giving the maximum comfort and versatility.

TRANSITIONS? SIGNATURE? GEN8TM is our fastest photochromic light ? adaptive lens providing all-in-one benefits that patients adore ? protection from UV rays, outdoor darkness, complete indoor clarity, responsiveness, and long-lasting performance.

EVOLUTION high-index lenses offer a perfect synergy of vision clarity, lightweight, elegance, and strong resistance suitable for a high degree of myopia and hypermetropia up to +-7.50 diopters. These lenses are five times stronger than any high index lenses and ten times stronger than lenses with an index of 1.50.


BLUE BALANCE - multi-layered anti-reflection coating with the residual blue reflection protects your eyes from high-energy visible light emitted by the screens of smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs. Extended exposure to blue-violet light can also lead to eye strain and eye fatigue.

CLARUS II ? multi-layered anti-reflection coating with residual green reflection offering the anti-static, hydrophobic, oleophobic, and stress-resistant features.

LONGUS is nano ? stock multi-layered anti-reflective coating featuring violet-green residual reflection. Manufactured using cutting?edge nanotechnology, this coating is the perfect alternative for current Rx lenses CLARUS II coating.

BLUE LINE is a multi-layered anti-reflective lens coating that has a residual blue reflection and protects your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices.

CLARUS SERICUM UV is the latest nanotechnology generation ultra-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating with residual green reflection and UV protection on the back surface of the lens.

Unique coating that reflects all light in the visible spectrum range equally, reflecting no more than 1.5 % of incident light. Therefore resulting in pure coating with no residual color and 100% visual comfort. Lenses are also coated with ultra-hydrophobic, oleophobic and antistatic layers creating that amazing feeling of cleaning easiness.

Flash mirror coatings are a bit lighter version of mirror coatings. As mirror coatings reflect up to 80% of visible light, flash mirrors reflect up to 20%. This way photochromic lenses coated with flash mirrors can be worn both outdoors and indoors. While being outdoors lenses look like mirrors and indoors they stay clear as photochromic layer returns to clear state.

Tinting (on RX lenses) and NANO tinting (on stock lenses)