Your lenses can be treated with over 10 layers of coatings to get clearer, stronger and offer more protection to the eye


BLUE BALANCE - multi-layered anti-reflection coating with the residual blue reflection protects your eyes from high-energy visible light emitted by the screens of smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs. Extended exposure to blue-violet light can also lead to eye strain and eye fatigue.

The unique formula of the coating provides anti-glare and anti-reflective features. BLUE BALANCE coating consists of a blue colour coating on the front surface and a green layer on the back surface, creating exceptional visual comfort and protection. This type of coating is perfect for everyday wear. 

BLUE BALANCE multi-layered coating has authentic anti-static, hydrophobic, and oleophobic properties, which repel water, water-based fluids, oils, and other chemicals— providing benefits for customers. This coating is up to 12 times more resistant to scratches. BLUE BALANCE lenses are easy to take care of because of the material's durability.

The BLUE BALANCE anti-glare coating for glasses protects your eyes from harmful blue rays emitted by digital screens and helps the eyes relax and reduce eye stress and eye fatigue. 

BLUE BALANCE coating glasses are the best blue light blocking glasses because they effectively protect your eyes from harmful digital screens light. Our anti-reflection coating protects the lenses from dust and precipitation. We also provide a two-year warranty. 

Enjoy blue light anti-glare glasses made with BLUE BALANCE coating!

* The manufacturer's warranty covers the violation of the coating integrity of the lenses (delamination and cracking). The manufacturer does not accept claims concerning the mechanical coating damage.


CLARUS II – multi-layered anti-reflection coating with residual green reflection offering the anti-static, hydrophobic, oleophobic, and stress-resistant features.

These anti-reflective coating glasses are easy to clean because of their improved oleophobic and hydrophobic properties.

CLARUS II coating is exceptionally transparent and smooth. It offers lens protection from fog, dust, and grease.

This anti-reflecting coating is 12 times more resistant to scratches than other coatings. CLARUS II differs from its rivals because of its longevity and durability.

What are anti-glare glasses?

Disturbing glares can be annoying and, in some cases, even dangerous, for instance, while driving. The anti-glare glasses are made with lenses that have an anti-reflective coating. The anti-glare coating is a thin layer placed on the lenses, providing the benefits of removing reflections.

We provide a two–year warranty for anti-glare coating for eyeglasses.

See the world without irritating reflections!


LONGUS is nano – stock multi-layered anti-reflective coating featuring violet-green residual reflection.

Manufactured using cutting–edge nanotechnology, this coating is the perfect alternative for current Rx lenses CLARUS II coating.

LONGUS coating offers a dramatically transparent and smooth surface resistant to scratches and varying temperatures. Cleaning lenses is effortless because of the multi-layered nature of lenses featuring hydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti-reflective properties. Anti-reflective glasses with LONGUS coating stand out with their durability and longevity.

What is nanotechnology?

The nanotechnology in eyeglasses reduces the reflectance of light and irritating glares and reflections. These eye lenses are easier to clean.

We always have these lenses in stock because we aim to complete the order in 24 hours. We offer a warranty of LONGUS coating lenses for two years.

Experience the premium –quality of cutting–edge technologies!


BLUE LINE is a multi-layered anti-reflective lens coating that has a residual blue reflection and protects your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices.

Although blue light is good for the human body, too much of it can cause health problems such as biorhythm and sleep disorders, various eye disorders, including eye fatigue and redness.

The blue light glasses benefits are:

  • Protection from dangerous blue-violet spectrum light emitted from digital devices.
  • Elimination of reflections from the inside and outside of the lens.
  • Reduction of eye strain, eye stress, redness.
  • Protection of the lenses from dust and precipitation.
  • Easy to maintain.

BLUE LINE coating provides the two – year warranty, and the order can be fulfilled in 24 hours because we always have these lenses in stock.

We offer the best anti-blue light glasses made from BLUE LINE multi-layered coating!


CLARUS SERICUM UV is the latest nanotechnology generation ultra-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating with residual green reflection and UV protection on the back surface of the lens.

Due to remarkably improved coating layers, the surface of lenses is more slippery, and it repels oil and liquid, making it easier to take care of the glasses. The water droplets, oil, grease, and dust, are easily removed from the lens's surface, leaving no stain.

CLARUS SERICUM UV coating blocks UV rays up to 380 nm reflecting from the inside of the lenses and provides relaxed vision protecting the eyes.

Because of the multi-layered technology used in the manufacturing of the coating, such features as anti-static, hydrophobic, oleophobic, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant properties are available in CLARUS SERICUM UV coating bringing the aesthetics and comfort.

These coatings have a long life span, and we provide a two–year warranty.

CLARUS SERICUM UV – premium-quality UV glasses without sacrificing style and aesthetics!