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We keep pace with state-of-the-art ophthalmic lens production technologies so that we can continue to offer you special quality lenses The key processes in ophthalmic lens production are connected to each other by two main components, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and extreme precision. From the first year of operation, the BOD lenses team has endeavored to introduce new products to the market on a yearly basis, and to present the best technical solutions for our customers.

We are based in Vilnius, Lithuania, where the production line of individualized progressive ophthalmic lenses, MODULO LINE from the German company Schneider GmbH & Co Kg, is based. The innovative Free Form technology that we apply in the production process ensures that BOD lenses are perfectly adapted to the customer needs

The lens production process  includes several main components, which are, material (which may determine the thinness of the lens), preparation of the surface of the lens (in order that it will protect the eyes, which is the most important of all the functions), and, of cause, coatings (anti-reflective, blocking of harmful blue light, anti-scratch protection, fingerprint protection, etc.)

Each lens that is produced in the BOD lenses laboratory is prepared digitally and individually. Therefore, you can be sure that the ophthalmic lenses produced will perfectly meet your needs and expectations.

Production process

1. Order

As soon as the laboratory receives a completed order form, the relevant base lenses (blanks) are assigned to the order in the lens warehouse. The operating system that is based on an innovative calculation method helps ensure that the lenses selected correspond to the individual data contained in the order.

2. Blocking

A protective transparent film is applied to the outer surface of the blank. A metal holder is fastened to the film-coated surface. It ensures precise lens processing throughout the entire production process.

3. Generation

In this stage of the production, the key properties and capacity of an ophthalmic lens are created, i.e. the individual customer parameters are transferred to the ophthalmic lens. The specialist achieves a perfect result through careful monitoring and maintenance of the production process.

4. Polishing

Immediately after the generation stage, the surface of the ophthalmic lens is polished. It is important that the precise individualized design of the generated lens is retained in this process. The equipment automatically selects the polishing measures and tools depending on the lens’ index.

5. Engraving

In this stage, a unique BOD lenses marking is engraved on the lenses. Although the laser engraving is virtually invisible to the naked eye, it plays an especially important role when it is necessary to determine the lens design, type or to restore the order.

6. Cleaning

After the ophthalmic lens is separated from the holder, and the protective film, the quality inspection specialists manually inspect it. The cleaning is done in several steps with the help of various cleaning agents. At the end of stage, we have a transparent, dry, uncoated ophthalmic (UC) lens.

7. Quality inspection

The “Dual Lens-Mapper” equipment absolutely ensures the quality standard is achieved by providing complete information on the theoretical and actual  lens design. It evaluates the probability of error and possible deviations, and provides the theoretical and realistic lens design maps with the specified values.

8. Coatings

The finished and inspected lenses (if so requested) are dyed with the colour and tone selected. The lens then arrives in the varnishing compartment where it is coated with a hardening coating. In this stage, chemicals of a unique composition that depend on the individual lens order are used for the coating.

9. Cutting

The lens cutting process depends on the customer’s needs. We perform lens cutting by taking into consideration the eyeglass frames provided by the customer. We cut lenses for eyeglass frames of all types, i.e. for classic, edge-free, or sports eyeglasses.

7. Quality inspection

The finished eyeglass lenses are once again inspected and tested. The specialists inspect the quality of the product, optical capacity of the lenses, primary visual appearance of the lens, tendency to get smeared, coatings, and ensure that the engravings meet the lens design selected.

tailor-made services

Marketing support

We can create a separate marketing plan for your own individual brand with all the tools in the language of your choice, including an adapted catalogue, flyers, stands  and other promotional material.

IT integration

IT services: There is the possibility of integrating your company into the BOD lenses internal system and to create an individualized and convenient personal ordering platform.


We offer the possibility of adapting an individual design of lens packaging especially created for your company, and thus help you to stand out in the ophthalmic optics market. We can also produce your own customized lens passport cards.


Our professional sales and product managers can offer individual, or team training, or practical lessons on the chosen topic for your company.


A 2-year warranty applies to all lenses and coatings of BOD lenses.
Please keep your original lens packaging and / or lens passport with its unique order code.


We offer BOD lenses customers our logistics services in the Baltic region, Europe and other continents. Customers can take advantage of special logistics prices, and often, faster delivery times.

Customer service

If you have any questions, need to consult our specialists, or are dealing with a difficult situation, you can contact our Customer Service Center on a daily basis from 9:00 AM to 6PM by calling our telephone number +370 800 20100 or by sending an email message to: [email protected]

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