We offer a wide range of tinted lenses, selected especially for you, taking into consideration the latest trends from the fashion world and modern technologies to offer you the best solutions for any kind of style.

Tinted Lenses Benefits

Sun lenses may be tinted in several different colors. Choice of color depends on a combination of style and purpose. The darker tints are for sun protection while the lightest levels are for fashion and general comfort. Color choice can benefit your lifestyle and specific sports / activities.

Tinted lenses are perfect for wearers who are looking for comfort or sun protection (when combined with UV protection). They reduce the amount of light passing through the lens, so they are more comfortable than non-tinted lenses, and we offer a wide range of colors to suit you and your frames.

This feature is a great benefit for those constantly on the go or with long commutes. Your lenses will give you great eyesight and protection for your eyes!

Bod ’19 Catalogue

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