Indoor lenses

The design of the lens is created for reading and middle vision zones. Indoor lenses are created for those who spend a lot of time by reading and working at office.

Reading glasses also depend for this group of glasses.

The design of office is adapted to wear these glasses in indoor surroundings. Their effective field of view is up to 4 meters. Office lenses ensure exceptional visual comfort within this limited distance. Unlike universal progressive lenses, which include all visual distances (far, near, medium), these lenses are limited to close and medium distance.



This is a degressive lens, tailored for reading and office work. The lens is designed to optimise near vision, therefore the reading zone is larger than in other lenses. There lenses are manufactured by individual order, choosing the required distance (1.3m; 2m; 4m). The effective field of sight is up to 4 metres.

  • This is the best lens for reading or working at the computer.
  • Office lenses feature an especially broad field of vision.
  • Maximum comfort for vision in the near-to-intermediate distance.
  • Manufactured by individual recipe.
  • Soft design with a clear zone of transition.



Unique eyeglasses are designed for reading and work with electronic devices.

  • For excelent vision to near and middle zones.
  • Easy to focus, especially on small details on the screen
  • Effortless to change the seeing distance
  • These lenses are producing with 0.75D degression.

No Tense II

A unique monofocal lens specially designed to accommodate reading and working at the computer. Distance vision remains unchanged while an addition at the bottom of the lens improves near vision. This helps relax the cillary muscle when reading, reducing eye fatigue from looking at nearby objects.

  • Designed for young patients suffering from symptoms of eye fatigue
  • The NoTenseII design features a 0.50, 0.75 an 1.00 dioptric adjustment
  • High quality vision at near distance (within the reading zone)
  • Lens fully personalised to the individual
  • Exceptional visual experience while using digital devices thanks to Smart Add technology

0.50D -  for young patients who spend a lot of time on the computer and have visual fatigue symptoms.

0.75D – for young patients who spend a lot of time reading and have visual fatigue symptoms.

1.00D – for pre-presbyope patients who have visual fatigue symptoms.

Also, we would like to recommend you to order the lenses with antireflective coatings: Clarus II or Blue Balance, which saves your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices. More about coatings read here.

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