Coatings/ Eye Protection

In the process of the lens production it can be produced with coat orwithout it. The lens without coat is easily vulnerable for various factors. Therefore BOD experts recommend to order the eyeglass lenses with antireflective coats, which secures the lens and your eyes.

Also we recommend you to safe your eyes from UV rays, therefore we offer the UV filter.

Eyeglass lenses are:

UC – uncoated

Basis – hard coating

Atireflective coats:

Clarus II – multi-layered  antireflective coating with residual green reflection. This coat has improved oleophobic and hydrophobic  lens properties, which facilitate lens cleaning. The particulary transparent an resistant to scratches also Clarus II is ressistant to temperature shock. This coating stands for its longevity.

Blue Balance - multi-layered  antireflective coating with residual blue reflection, protecting from harmful rays of blue light emitted by electronic devices. This coat eliminates reflections from both: inside and outside of the lens.Up to 12 times more resistant to scratches, protects lens from dust and precipitation. Blue Balance reduces eye stress and fatigue.

While in small doses this light is safe for our eyes, too much of it can cause harm.

Excessive exposure to blue light may:

  • Put strain on the eyes, tire them out, and cause them to redden
  • Disrupt the human biorhythm
  • Cause sleep disorders
  • Contribute to the development of eye diseases in the long run

BLUE420 - is a lens material which holds on about 95% of harmful blue light spectrum(HEV – high energy visible) until 420 nm. BLUE420 blocks 100% of UV rays (till 400nm) and transmits even 85% of useful blue lightening. BLUE420 reduces eye stress and fatigue.

This product is exceptional in such type of lenses, because the defense from blue light is on whole surface of the lens, not only on coating. Therefore, using that kind of material BOD Lab prepares the lenses according individual clients‘ recipe, frames‘ data and individual biometric parameters.

Our Lab produces BLUE420 for everyone and for very sophisticated recipe. BOD Lab produces monofocal, bifocal and multifocal lenses BLUE420. Indeces: 1.50; 1.60 and 1.67.