Velveto – a new orogressive lens design featuring exceptionally soft transitions between viewing zones. IOT company, founder of BOD progressive designs created the Velveto design specifically for the BOD laboratory, according to the needs of our clients.
Velveto progressive lenses have wider readings and mid-range zones, while the distance zone remains the same as the MultiFit progressive lens. Velveto design is created for soft design wearers, first-time ordering progressive lenses, more sensitive patients or having adaptation problems.

  • Especially soft design for faster adaptation
  • Personalised progressive lenses
  • High-end daily progressive lenses
  • Medium and reading zones are wider
  • Distance zone remains the same
  • Soft transition between zones
  • Particularly useful for patients, who have not adapted yet or soft design wearers
  • MFH from 14 to 18 mm.
  • Design improved by Smart Add and Digital Ray-Path technologies