Opticians' Conference BOD'18

OPTICIANS‘ CONFERENCE BOD’18 has already been held on May 25 this year. The conference was held at the end of May, which became the tradition of BOD lenses to celebrate and share experiences, news and knowledge with our partners.

The conference was attended by over 120 partners from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland. It was a full day event that began at 9 o'clock morning and lasted until 4.30 pm. The conference was informative in a format other than the traditional conference optics market.

The conference was attended by our partners UNICO Graber – safety eyewear with recipe, partner from IOT - BOD lens‘ design creators, who together with our laboratory, implemented 3 lecture series. The speakers E. Chamorro, J. Rocabruna and E. Palevičius supplemented each other with presentations on compensation, personalization, adaptability and resolution of the problem.

A partner from Germany introduced premium film coating processes, and Cotec has a remaking experience and specializes in lens coatings technology. During the conference was talked about the stylish and extremely colorful frames - Etnia Barcelona. The program of the event was complemented by lecturer A. Kazlauskaitė, Godopoco communication and improvisation coach talking about the importance of communication. At the end of the event, partner from Transitions‘  presented  brand renewal, in the end of conference our partners presented Nupolar and Tribrid products.

During coffee breaks and lunch break, the participants were invited to take a look at the collections of Etnia Barcelona and Holy Wood eyewear spectacle frames, which attracted the attention of the participants, as well as the BOD lenses presented (VR) virtual reality glasses.

We want to thank all those involved and also to say that this event was the start of our future conferences.