26th of May our company had organized the very first OPTICIANS‘ CONFERENCE BOD’17 which attracted more than 100 of our partners from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. It was an all day event that started 10 am and lasted for up to 4 pm in the evening. The conference was informative and made a different format than the traditional conference in opticians' market.

It was an international conference which attracted speakers from South Korea, Spain and Lithuania. There was delivered new photochromic lenses from SOMO Company (S. Korea), the new frames‘ brand in Lithuania - Etnia Barcelona, ​​as well as a doctor, ophthalmologist introduced the benefits and harm of  the blue light, a partner from IOT Company, Spain, introduced the latest technologies of individualized lenses and business develoment and training consultant from VOS Company presented the topic about empathy in sales.

During the coffee breaks and lunch, participants were invited to inspect the Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses frames' collections' that captured the attention of the participants. The participats had tried on these frames and has chosen for themselves the most favorite frames.

We would like to thank all the participants and also to say that this event was the beginning of our conference held in the future.