Opening of new RX Lab in Lithuania

In February 2015, the company BRD, part of the BOD Group of companies, completed the installation of “Baltic Optical Dimension”, the largest up-to-date RX Lab for eyeglass lenses in the Baltic States. Established in Guopstu Village, Trakai District, the RX Lab will have MODULO, a production line for customized eyeglass lenses of the German company Schneider GmbH & Co. KG, which is the first such production line in Europe and the third in the world after the United States of America and Hong Kong. The RX Lab required investments of over EUR 4.2 million.

“Baltic Optical Dimension” will manufacture progressive lenses based on individual orders in cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign opticians. This factory will also manufacture customized RX single focal and bifocal lenses. The maximum capacity of the production line is up to 4000 lenses per day.

Algirdas Butkevičius, the Prime Minister of the Lithuania, attended the opening ceremony of the RX Lab. He was glad that the BOD Group has become a swift and competitive European company that deploys up-to-date technologies.

Vidmantas Janulevičius, the Chairman of the Board of the Global BOD Group, compared the opening of the new factory with stepping on a third leg.

“Everybody knows how important this is to the stability of companies,” he said. Vidmantas Janulevičius reminded that the BOD Group had started its business activities with the production of optical discs; then it engaged in solar energy; and thirdly, in optical lenses.

Gunter Schneider, the CEO of Schneider GmbH & Co. KG, expressed gratitude in his welcome speech to his team and the BRD team for the successful installation of the MODULO line and wished a good launch.

Wolfgang Wiethoff, the Adviser of the German Embassy in Lithuania, took part in the opening ceremony of the new Free Form RX laboratory “Baltic Optical Dimension” and gave a welcome speech. Members of Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, representatives of the Government, Lithuanian and foreign businesspersons, BRD partners and future clients were amongst the invited guests.

The company plans for 15 per cent of the customized lenses market in Lithuania, and up to 10 per cent in the Baltic States by early 2016. The company also aims to export production to other European countries. The new RX Lab has already established 20 new working places, and in several years 40 additional jobs. 

The company will closely cooperate with the community of ophthalmologists/optometrists, and with public and private medical institutions. It intends to actively participate in the voluntary medical insurance (VMI) segment by making attractive offers to optical chains and final VMI beneficiaries (end-users).

“The RX Lab will provide opportunities for opticians to offer glasses with the latest lenses for socially disadvantaged groups, such as seniors, low-income residents and children at a lower price. We plan to maintain the concept of socially responsible business. There are on-going discussions with responsible public authorities concerning new compensation models, and the development of programmes for statutory civil servants; thereby, stimulating the use of eyeglass lenses. The situation is identical in most EU countries,” said Vytautas Tuminas, the Managing Director of company BRD.

Being the global leader in the sector, Schneider GmbH & Co. KG, whose state of the art equipment has been installed in the RX Lab, will ensure the high quality of ”Baltic Optical Dimension” products, which will be among the best products available on the market. In 2014, Schneider GmbH & Co. KG was recognized as one of the leading drivers of innovation in Germany.


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