No Tense II - leave your eye fatigue away!

We would like to introduce you with the ideal eye lenses with special reading zone, which ensures that when you read, your eyes will be relaxed.  

We have created an update of the most popular product 2016. Also we have seen the need to spread the addition of this product. Therefore BOD lab experts offers you three types of addition: 0.50D; 0.75D and 1.00D.

Those, who doesnot know about this product - a unique monofocal lens specially designed to accommodate reading and working at the computer. Distance vision remains unchanged while an addition at the bottom of the lens improves near vision. This helps relax the cillary muscle when reading, reducing eye fatigue from looking at nearby objects.

  • Designed for young patients suffering from symptoms of eye fatigue
  • The NoTenseII design features a 0.50, 0.75 an 1.00 dioptric adjustment
  • High quality vision at near distance (within the reading zone)
  • Lens fully personalised to the individual
  • Exceptional visual experience while using digital devices thanks to Smart Add technology


0.50D - for young patients who spend a lot of time on the computer and have visual fatigue symptoms.

0.75D – for young wearers who spend a lot of time reading and have visual fatigue symptoms.

1.00D – for pre-presbyope patients who have visual fatigue symptoms.


No Tense II eyeglass lenses are designed with Smart Add technology, which improves the wearer’s visual experience while reading electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, eReaders and computers. Its softer design provides the ability to focus more quickly to different distances in more precise and agile way.