New Sunglasses? Choose Your Colour!

Sunglasses are essential all year round. Not only do they contribute an important element of style, they also protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. To do their job well, sunglasses must contain a pair of high quality lenses. We know all about this here at BOD because we specialise in making the best lenses, especially for you. For sunglasses we manufacture darkened, colourful lenses that are either fully tinted or tinted at a gradient. Both types come in three main colours – amber, smoke, and forest green – so you can pick the combination of tint and colour that suits you the best.

Amber (brown) lenses provide a sense of warmth and cosiness. The lens will reduce fuzz, increase contrast and, especially on cloudy days, make things look clearer. Amber lenses can improve the perception of depth and are great for driving, water sports, shooting, and other outdoor activities.

Smoky (grey) lenses make the environment seem a little sharper than it really is. The lens reduces brightness and glare of the sun and does well to maintain an unchanged colour palette. The smoky lens is a universal choice, suitable for all weather conditions and activity types, including driving, cycling, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Forest Green  (dark green) is the middle option, combining features from both other lense types. The green tint both provides a reduction in glare from the sun and increases contrast when it is cloudy, improving vision under all weather conditions. The perception of colour is altered minimally, making green a great all-round option, especially for fishing, biking, outdoor leisure, and golf.

We would like to offer another option, optimal for drivers – the Yellow Road lens. These lenses increase contrast, providing greater visibility in fog and low-light. Perception of depth is also improved so you can feel safer and more comfortable, especially when driving in difficult conditions.

When picking the colour of the lens, bear in mind the colour of the frame you want! Matching the colours right can result in a truly stunning and stylish look.

The fun doesn’t end here: we also offer the possibility to tailor your order and create any colour of your choosing!

When ordering these sunglasses, we recommend you order additional UV protection – UV harms not only the skin, but also the eyes. Exposure to UV rays can cause visual impairment, cataracts, and damage to the retina.