Meeting with Schneider GmbH & Co.KG

On 26-27 May a joint strategic meeting of UAB BRD and Schneider GmbH & Co.KG representatives on the progress of the implementation of the project on the optical lens production line took place in BOD Group High Technology Centre L.I.G.H.T. WING.

As it has already been announced, UAB BRD, one of the BOD Group companies, which is manufacturing optical storage media, and German Schneider GmbH & Co.KG have signed a contract on the supply of the latest equipment and will start manufacturing of the latest generation optical lenses for glasses by the end of this year. BRD company will be operating in Trakai region, where has rented suitable facilities from Megrame company, the manufacturer of windows.

The arrangement of equipment in facilities was discussed at the meeting. The quests from Germany have visited Guopstai village (Trakai region) once again, assessed the progress of preparatory works and advised on the most optimal positioning of the equipment. During the visit, they also have discussed on IT infrastructure and the requirements for maintenance of equipment. Marketing issues, related to the output capacity and features of the latest generation equipment have also been discussed.

A competent team of UAB BRD project are actively preparing for the new field of activity, which will start in late 2014, - manufacturing of the latest generation progressive lenses.