Gold medal for the product of the Year - BLUE420 lenses!

BOD Lenses won the Gold Medal for the product of the year contest, organised by Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists. During the official ceremony Prime Minister of Lithuania S.Skvernelis and President of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists R. Dargis greeted the CEO of BOD lenses V. Tuminas.

BLUE420 – is the product of the year. Baltic Optical Dimension is only one Lab in Lithuania which is able to produce such lenses produced from special material which protects eyes from harmful blue light and dangerous UV rays.

Lenses BLUE420 are produced invoking special technology, which allows to have transparent lenses blocking dangerous UV rays and harmful blue light (HEV- high energy visible) until 420 nm. BLUE420 blocks 100% of UV rays (till 400nm) and transmits even 85% of useful blue lightening. The blue light we see - using electronic devices, watching TV, being outside in front of the sun or we are in the bright LED or fluorescent lighting.

This product is exceptional in such type of lenses, because the defense from blue light is on whole surface of the lens, not only on coating. Therefore, using that kind of material BOD Lab prepares the lenses according individual clients‘ recipe, frames‘ data and individual biometric parameters.

Our Lab produces BLUE420 for everyone and for very sophisticated recipe. BOD Lab produces monofocal, bifocal and multifocal lenses BLUE420. Indeces: 1.50; 1.60 and 1.67.

This product is convinient for everyone – corrective and non - corrective spectacles, for those who want to protect their eyes from blue light, which in the modern society is inevitable as the main part of work in offices or leisure. This prevents eyes from eye strain, itching, dryness and reduces the risk of various eye diseases. The BLUE420 technology is designed for people of all ages and in any situation.

The product is available in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Italy, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Cyprus.