Free Form RX equipment already in Lithuania

In early December 2014, 43 tons of unique equipment was delivered from Germany to Guopstai village near Vilnius. At the beginning of 2015, one of the largest and most modern in Europe digital spectacle lens manufacturing laboratories, BOD (Baltic Optical Dimension), will be launched here.

As already announced, in spring 2014 the production company UAB BRD of the BOD Group signed a contract with one of the largest German manufacturers of optical devices Schneider GmbH & Co. Kg for the acquisition of the latest MODULO LINE progressive spectacle lens manufacturing plant. The new Free Form RX laboratory will be one of the largest and most modern in Europe. It will make progressive, single focal and bifocal lenses.

The equipment is currently being installed in the future laboratory in Guopstai. Engineers from Schneider with BRD, UAB specialists are connecting the equipment to engineering networks. This will be followed by programming, adjustment of production modules, and the start and testing of the line. The new Free Form RX progressive eyeglass lenses manufacturing laboratory BOD (Baltic Optical Dimension) is expected to be opened in mid-February 2015.