Eyeglass lens manufacturer increased its sales 4 times

In the first quarter of this year Baltic Optical Dimension UAB, a company, producing eyeglass lenses, which commenced its activities a couple of years ago, sold its products for EUR 0.6 million, which is 4 times more than one year ago.

“The results of the first quarter are much better than we expected. Such rapid growth can be related with the continuously expanding network of new partners. Compared with the first quarter of the previous year, this year the number of our new customers grew by 49%. The export indicators grew especially fast, which really strengthens the company’s positions in the region“, – states Vytautas Tuminas, the head of Baltic Optical Dimension.

In 2016 the company reached the turnover of EUR 1.28 million. The company has 50 employees.

The lab of BOD Group UAB sells 20 % of its products in Lithuania. About 80 % lenses are exported to the Western Europe. The company’s press release states that in the nearest future the company plans to enter the markets of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

“We grow by 10–15% each month. We forecast that this May will be one of the best months since the commencement of the company’s activities”, – forecasts the head of the company.

According to V. Tuminas, at present the company uses only half of its capacities, thus there are a lot of development possibilities. The company’s output is 4.000 lenses per day.

Both in the first quarters of this and last year, the company mostly sold individualized prescription lenses of different eyesight zones.

“At other labs the production may take up to several weeks. Our technologies and efficient process management allows to ensure much faster production – our individualized products reach our foreign customers as fast as in two days”, - assures V. Tuminas.

Baltic Optical Dimension commenced its activities in February 2015. The company received an EU funds investment of more than EUR 4.2 million.

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