Double protection effect with BLUE420

The impact of Blue light (HEV) is extremely important to us. We are using electronic devices, watching TV, being outside in front of the sun or we are in the bright LED or fluorescent lighting.

All these light sources are harmful and can affect the retina or to provoke the development of yellow macular degeneration. This disease can cause the ability to read, drive or to recognize the human faces.

In everyday life, we are using our smart phones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices for our job purposes and for leisure. Our generation is different and our reading and leisure habits are changing, therefore we are involved into digital space.




We, as manufacturers of free form lenses, are obliged to offer the best solutions how to protect your eyes. Therefore, let us introduce new product:


  • BLUE420 protects your eyes from harmful blue light and dangerous UV rays
  • BLUE420 hold on about 95% of harmful blue light spectrum (HEV – high energy visible) until 420 nm.
  • BLUE420 blocks 100% of UV rays (till 400nm)
  • This is a smart product, which transmits even 85% of useful blue lightening
  • Even blocking the UV rays BLUE420 lenses do not distort the colors and it looks natural


Negative impact of blue light:

  • Eyestrain
  • Head aches
  • Impacts eye health
  • Disrupted sleeping quality
  • Higher risk to get sick: diabetes, obesity or heart diseases


Positive effect of blue light:

  • Lifts mood
  • Improves memory and vigilance functions
  • Adjusts natural sleep and lift cycles
  • Reduces symptoms of emotional fractures (seasonal depression)
  • Advantage of BLUE420: misses the useful blue light for a human body