Double-sided progressive lenses

From February 2018, BOD offers new Camber technology for Freeform lenses. BOD company offers Camber lenses, because they are the best technology in the market today what is created for progressive lens‘ patients.

Camber technology is one of the bigger steps in the history of ophthalmology as it has fundamentally changed the production of lenses. The magic of this product starts in early stage of the lens‘ blank, which is produced with variable base curve (VBC). VBC is the innovation which is distributed on full lens‘ surface.

Before this innovation, the lens was made of one base curve, which is good only for single vision lens. In a progressive lens, the distance zone power calls for a lower (flatter) base curve, while the near zone power calls for a higher base curve.  If the base curve falls outside the ideal range for a determined optical power, the wearer’s off-axis visual acuity decreases.

BOD Lab has introduced and certified according US standards the newest and most advanced multi-focal lens Camber manufacturing technology, introduces new advanced lenses „Effecto“.

The Effecto lens has a unique front surface with a variable base curve, which is individually selected for each patient according to its recipe. The combined optical lens curves on both surfaces of the lens, make it possible to achieve the best quality of vision for presbyopes.

Benefits for the patient:

  • Full individualization and customization available according to prescription, lifestyle and frame choice
  • Increased magnification in reading zone
  • Increased area of the reading zone
  • Reading zone easier to find
  • Improved distance vision
  • Improved cosmetic appearance on some Rx‘s due to flatter lens curvature