BOD sales get boosted by exports

The turnover of Baltic Optical Dimension has increased fifteen-fold compared to the same time of year in 2015. The amount of lenses sold has grown 41 times. Export during the first two quarters of this year exceeded domestic revenue and accounted for 55% of total turnover.

To fuel such impressive growth it has been important for Baltic Optical Dimension to be active both at home and in foreign markets. Several large commitments with foreign partners in 2016 have noticeably increased exports and overall sales. The growing number of foreign orders shows increasing trust in the company and the global quality standard of its products.  

“Critical to growth of the business was the work of the team in the last two quarters of 2015 and first quarter of 2016, finding and establishing of long-term partnerships with allies in Western Europe,” observes Vytautas Tuminas, director of UAB BRD, representing of the Baltic Optical Dimension trademark. “Sales figures have grown by more than 15 times, and the number of production staff was doubled in the second quarter of 2016.”

Baltic Optical Dimension regularly updates their market offer with new products. The firm is developing new marketing tools for clients, meanwhile an extended sales team regularly combs the Baltic region, building valuable relationships and demonstrating not only the quality of BOD products, but also the dedication that BOD has to excellent service.  In combination with strong exports, this has resulted in expansion both geographically, and production-wise.

Baltic Optical Dimension is a brave and active firm that seeks to become the most reliable optics partner in the Baltic States by the end of 2017 by continuing to expand their activities further into foreign markets.

Products of the firm are exported to the highly competitive markets of Italy 

and France. Baltic Optical Dimension also works with the other Baltic States, Poland, and markets outside of Europe such as Belarus and Armenia. The company is in active negotiation with Ukraine and businesses from other Eastern markets.

About Baltic Optical Dimension

Baltic Optical Dimension is the largest and most modern factory for personalised optical lenses in the Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. Having begun its activities at the onset of 2015, BOD lens laboratory successfully manufactures and distributes new-age, personalised optical lenses to clients in Lithuania, Europe, and other parts of the world. The factory is equipped with the Schneider personalised lens production line MODULO – the first of its kind in Europe.  Its maximum capacity is up to 4000 lenses every 24 hours.

UAB BRD currently carries out two main activities – manufacture and supply of medical equipment (corrective optical lenses) and industrial burning and distribution of CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray compact discs.

For more information please contact:

Vytautas Tuminas, General Manager at UAB „BRD“, +370 5 236 87 77,