Blue Balance – Protect Your Eyes

It has become a part of life that we use smartphones, tablets, computers, and many electronic devices throughout the day. Both at work, and during our free time, hour after hour we are exposed to electronic blue light that these devices emit. While in small doses this light is safe for our eyes, too much of it can cause harm.

Excessive exposure to blue light may:

  • Put strain on the eyes, tire them out, and cause them to redden
  • Disrupt the human biorhythm
  • Cause sleep disorders
  • Contribute to the development of eye diseases in the long run

This is why BOD Lenses’ team of specialists has created Blue Balance – a modern and innovative coating technology for the lens that protects your eyes from the harm of excess exposure to electronic light.

With the Blue Balance coating, you will be able to work in front of a computer for longer without making your eyes red, tired, or sore. It will also decrease the long-term effects of eye fatigue such as weaker sight that is caused by continuous exposure to electronic light.

Advantages of the Blue Balance coating:

  • Protects the eyes from harmful blue electronic light (emitted by smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, and LED lighting)
  • Decreases the stress on the eyes, eye fatigue and redness
  • Removes reflections from the inside of the lens
  • The coat is 12 times more resistant to scratches than regular coating
  • The lens is easy to take care of
  • The lens becomes resistant to fingerprints, dust, and perspiration (cloudiness)

Using the newest nanotechnologies, BOD specialists have developed a dual-coat effect. The outside of the lens is coated to reliably protect the eye from harmful electronic light. Meanwhile, the inside of the lens has been adapted according to the recommendations of clients so that you can drive and not see any reflections on the inside of the lens.