AR “Dual LensMapper” - new quality control tool in BOD lab

AR Dual LensMapper is a new quality control tool, implemented in the BOD laboratory.

In 2017 the BOD Free Form lens laboratory commenced a new phase of activities. In order to ensure the control of the high technology process, the decision was made to update the processes of the Control Department. 

We believe that Automation & Robotics’ Dual LensMapper device will ensure quality by providing full information on the existing lens design and evaluating the probability of errors and deviations.

By providing full information in this individualized document, we assure you that the BOD Free Form laboratory has produced a high quality product, fully compliant with the applicable parameters.

This document provides the theoretical and real lens design map with the stated values, as well as the error values and tolerance table.

The Free Form lens design is fully optimized and personalized according to personal parameters in order to ensure best vision. When producing lenses, not only sphere and addition values are taken into consideration. The “Go/No Go” table states different criteria, according to which different lens surface areas are evaluated.

The Dual Lens Mapper is a perfect tool for analysing returned lenses. The device is used for evaluating whether the return was justified and whether the eyeglasses wearer’s discomfort was related with the eyeglasses’ frames, the lens design parameters or whether there are other potential reasons.

The device compares the lens’s expected design and the real lens. The comparison is shown on the lens’s maps. The “Go/ No Go” decision is based by the errors’ map, the described criteria and the tolerance limits, provided by the ISO standards.