An EU Project – The New Online Order System

UAB “BRD” has successfully completed the project “Business productivity, work efficiency, and increasing competitiveness via installation of modern e-business solutions” (03.3.1-LVPA-K-806 E-verslas LT)

UAB “BRD” has successfully implemented the project, which was partially financed by the 2014-2020 EU investment funds action program (priority 3 “encouraging competitiveness of small and mid-sized business”)

Place of implementation: Vilnius county, Vilnius city municipality, Lithuania.

Duration of implementation: from December 1, 2015 until November 31, 2016.

Total expenses of the project: €67.471,00.

Financed by the EU: €33.229,47. Financed by the executor: €34.241,53

The main objective of this project was to create and implement an efficient system of control for production and e-commerce. This tool will increase the efficiency of firm processes and ensure that there is a solid base for expansion of the business.

The innovative system for production control and e-commerce will combine all the core processes of the firm from sales and administration to production, accounting, and logistics. The integrated system will be easy to use for company employees and accessible to outside users – business clients. The new system will allow for not only more efficient internal processes, but will also present the possibility to deliver new services and products to the market: a faster, more comfortable product ordering system, optimal production costs and terms, lower probability of mistakes, more attention to core work, time optimisation until the order is passed to production, monitoring of orders and automatized information delivery to the client. The system will be integrated with the company CRM system, which will allow for more information about the needs and preferences of clients to be collected and thus offering them better products and services.

Implementation of this project will increase business productivity and competitiveness in the market. Actionable and reliable information will allow timely decision making, stronger control, and more active relationship with clients. The enhanced quality of services will create favourable conditions to increase client satisfaction and loyalty, revenue and export growth, and use of advanced technologies will allow more rational use of resources.