Yes, it is true that glass lenses are more transparent than plastic, but the transparency of BOD plastic lenses with Clarus coating compares to that of glass lenses. If you want maximally clear plastic lenses, they have to be coated. Other advantages of plastic lenses are that they are much lighter and unbreakable, which considerably increases their safety as fragments of broken glass lens can cause damage to eyes.

We encourage you to check your vision with our partners, a list of which is available on this website, and read about MultiFit Precision progressive lenses with Clarus coating. A small correction at all distances and coating increasing transparency should solve these problems, but you will get the best advice from an optician after in-depth analysis.

Progressive lenses are specially designed for people who wear glasses both for short-sightedness and far-sightedness. They include vision at all distances, and are therefore extremely comfortable and versatile, since you need not constantly swop between different glasses. From inception to the present day, the design of has come a long way in terms of improvements. BOD laboratory produces progressive lens digitally on a fully computerized line, according to an individual client's parameters, so you will feel extremely comfortably with them and will easily adapt. Advanced production technology has reduced the production cost of progressive lenses, so now glasses with such lenses are no longer a luxury but rather a product of first choice.

Yes, it’s possible. However, you have to consider this when choosing your diving equipment, because in some cases there are limitations.