The most important is the anti-reflective coating. Lens coatings may differ both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is essential to strictly follow the production processes and use high quality materials. Then the manufacturer can guarantee that the coating will not peel off, scratch, and the glasses will not attract moisture and dirt. We can offer this combination of properties for BOD lenses with Clarus coating. All coatings are varnish-based – ‘curing coating’. All other layers are applied in this special optical varnish for the production of lenses against unnecessary glare, anti-fog, dirt and humidity accumulation, Sun's harmful rays, etc.

Different is the first layer of lenses, since plastic lenses have to be covered by a coating (a special varnish) to protect them from scratching. Glass lenses do not require this process. In this way, all other layers are coated on the surface of the glass lens for the protection of lens against unnecessary glare, anti-fog, dirt and humidity accumulation, Sun's harmful rays, etc.

It depends on the type of sport and the features you need most. Glasses usually get foggy from temperature changes. Our Clarus coating has the highest resistance to fogging. Also, this will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. BOD lenses with Clarus coating are covered with a special anti-static coating that blocks the accumulation of dirt, interaction with another layer of repellent sweat drops, and fingerprints.

Yes, there are. They are called BOD Office lenses with Clarus protective coating. These special lenses were created for modern office personnel according to needs, correcting vision within 4 meters. We also have No-tense lenses to reduce eye fatigue. The design of these lenses helps reduce eye fatigue when spending a lot of time at a computer, tablet or reading.

A high quality prescription and accurately marked eye centres in the frame are essential. Also, a lens design properly selected according to your needs. It is very important to discuss your lifestyle, nature of work and leisure activities with the optician. If you work a lot in the office, you probably prefer Office spectacle lenses, and for tennis players we advise MultiFit S progressive lenses.

Do not put glasses on eyeglass lenses, do not expose to high temperatures (room, car dashboard in summer), clean only with a special cleaner and dedicated cloth. Do not clean glass lenses with any other means, because the accumulated dirt can scratch the glasses. The special cleaner lifts adhering dirt from the lens’ surface. Glasses are a fragile object that require special care. When not wearing, keep in the pouch. This will prevent scratching, and nobody will drop or step on them.

It is advisable to check your eyes with an optician or ophthalmologist once a year. If there are any changes, you should order new glasses. If visiting an optician less frequently, you may need the most optimal correction glasses. Then, your eyes will struggle.

Yes, protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun in photochromic lenses is sufficient. Some specialized sunglasses manufacturers use additional filters, coatings and other technological solutions for the exclusive visual quality or protection from the Sun's harmful rays under extreme conditions (sailing, mountain climbing). But photochromic lenses have sufficient protection for daily use. BOD photochromic lenses Transitions XTRactive have a unique feature – they darken in a vehicle!