Bod Lenses is ready for a change: changing the style

By 10th October 2019 April 3rd, 2020 No Comments

The largest spectacle lens manufacturer in the Baltic region, Bod Lenses, operating for the fifth year, is changing its visual style to better reflect the company’s new philosophy. Innovative, dynamic and trendsetting – this will be the new Bod Lenses.


Changes represent a new step in the company’s development: from the beginner lens manufacturer, Bod Lenses evolved into a next generation service company providing innovative vision improvement products and services for consumers.

“Within 5 years we have been continually growing and mastering new lens production technologies. We have gained international recognition, being in the position to ensure consistently highest quality of lenses, which we export to all major EU markets today. While maturing, we also realised we needed not only quality, but also a wide package of services to ensure that the consumers receive highly customised products”, says Vytautas Tuminas, director of UAB Bod Lenses.

According to the director, the company now holds a world-class product portfolio complete with everything you might need, from stylish next generation of photochromic lenses to be introduced to the markets in 2020, up to multifocal point multifunctional transparent lenses for driving, reading or working on a computer.

“Not to mention the most advanced and durable nano-coatings, – we have countless configurations of which only one can best fit a particular user. Special applications and even artificial intelligence system today assist us in selecting the right one for you. All of this is a good illustration of our broadened scope of operations”, the manager adds.


Bright and Bold

The new Bod Lenses visual style is characterized by 3 words: bold, bright, clear. Shiny red and blue colours were chosen for the stationary, with contrast balanced by properly weighted proportions and additional grey, providing more variety to the visual style, and highlighting the precision characteristics inherent of a medical product.

“The idea behind the new style is simple – conveyance using the bright-blurred contrast principle. The purpose of the optical lens is to make the invisible visible again, thus, when we took a look at the communication of other global companies in this segment, we were actually surprised that this concept has not yet been used. By choosing this trend, we will maintain the qualities of moderation and precision, with simultaneously emerging effect of modernity, multi-layers and most importantly, amazement”, says Agnė Balvočienė, marketing director for Bod Lenses.

According to her, the new visual style and purified philosophy are also reflected in the company’s new slogan: One life – see it well. In all communication media it will help to highlight that Bod Lenses products and services bring back the vivid, clear, and colourful life.


Simplicity Genius

“In creating the brand, our aim was to make it quickly readable and memorable, in addition to being easily used on any physical and digital format. The word ‘BOD’ has been transformed into a modular system of identical hemispheres. The hemispheres themselves represent the lenses, and their combinations comprise a simple and well-remembered icon”, says Aurimas Baltušis, head of IMAGINE branding agency, which has created the new visual style.

The use of the Capitalisation abbreviation was refused in the textual part of the Bod Lenses logo, by deciding to transform the BOD abbreviation into a more liberal spelling format of the common word; this way, the note next to the icon does not compete with the graphic element, but instead complements it harmoniously. In addition, the icon can now be used separately from the text, offering even more freedom of graphical expression.

“Developing the new Bod Lenses style and brand together with our partners, we strived to convey the preferable aspects of courage, precision and innovation. Today, trademarks are often used in the digital space and in very small scales, so we made the logo well articulated – without excessive details, and its visual simplicity reflects the latest trends in global branding”, says Aurimas Baltušis, head of IMAGINE.

The updated philosophy and visual style is accompanied also by the company’s legal name changed to BOD Lenses, UAB (formerly UAB BRD).